“ClubCorp is an ideal fit to follow our family’s ownership of Prestonwood. They are committed to quality and offer members such a great experience at all their clubs.”

– Greg Miller, CEO of Henry S. Miller’s Companies

We are excited to meet you and ready to make great things happen.

We know you are interested in what is happening next with benefits, capital improvements, club employees and more. We will answer as many of your questions as we can and provide more information on the acquisition.

While we work on the transition over the next few months, we will introduce new benefits as they become available. In the meantime, you will continue to enjoy the membership privileges you have today while we work to provide additional Member benefits. With the power of our two networks, we intend to work together to develop an unmatched reciprocal club program both in your local area and as you travel. Similar to Sequoia, we are able to leverage our Network to provide many benefits to our Members both in the club, and beyond. Learn more about other benefits in “The ClubCorp Advantage.”

What types of capital improvements can you expect?
We invest in our clubs and are currently developing capital improvement plans. Since 2007, we have spent more than $410 million reinvesting in our clubs to make them more relevant in their communities and better fit the changing needs of today’s private club members. View a sample of before and after photos from clubs across our Network.

New golf benefits are coming soon.
We know Members are interested in learning more about new reciprocal benefits. We expect to announce expanded opportunities for you to enjoy our Network in the near future. In the meantime, please continue to enjoy access to all the clubs and benefits your existing membership offers.

Are we accepting new Members right now?
Absolutely! With all the exciting things happening, there’s never been a better time to join the fun and become a Member. Current Members can visit the Membership Office to refer a friend today.

What will happen to the Employee Partners at my Club?
Both Sequoia Golf and ClubCorp are focused on delivering exceptional service to Members. We expect very few staff changes as this will be a stock acquisition. We have a strong history of growing talent and promoting employees throughout our organization and believe this is a great opportunity for career advancement for employees of both companies.

Who do I contact with questions?
Please continue to contact the GM of your Club as they continue to serve your needs.